4 Popular Rugs Commonly Use In Present Time

Choosing the right rug for your apartment or even for your work space can be a really exciting task. With so many options to choose from these days, you can easily find one that matches your interior décor and your personal choices! Wondering which ones are the most popular choices for rugs? Keep reading to find out!

Braided Rugs
Braided rugs are some of the oldest forms of rugs that you can find in the market. These are not only the most common types of rugs available online, but they are also the most budget-friendly discount rugs that you can get in the market. There are tons of brands out there that create these rugs right from placing on your front door area to placing them right in front of your bathroom doors.

Braided rugs are extremely long lasting and super low maintenance which is yet another reason to get these in your house. There are a lot of different braid variations and color combinations that you can choose from when selecting a braided rug for your house and a lot of different shapes and sizes too!

Shag Rugs
These have recently become extremely popular amongst millennials and lifestyle bloggers because of how aesthetically pleasing they are to the eye. These look great in modern and minimalistic interior décor and are usually monotoned. You can choose from Jaipur Living Rugs or even syntenic material shag rugs for your house from e-stores like Rugs Town.

Shag rugs can be placed in the bedroom right next to the bed or even a vintage full-length mirror and even used for decoration in a living room setup. Either way, shag rugs are trending if you plan to have a minimalistic and modern décor for your house, these rugs are an absolute must!

Traditional Rugs
Traditional rugs are usually the ones that are either from Persia or from the middle east or inspired by the Arabian and Persian culture. The designs are intricate, and the color combinations are chosen with utmost care to create a uniform balance of colors on the rug. Most of the oriental rugs on sale are handcrafted which explains why these types of rugs and carpets are so expensive.

These types of oriental and traditional rugs look great in a living room setup where you want the room to feel warm and cozy.Websites like Rugs Town have a wide collection of authentic middle eastern rugs that you can get on an amazing price.

Contemporary and modern rugs
These rugs are inspired by modern art as well as geometrical shapes that make these rugs perfect for minimalists or even for people who are a fan of modern art. If you don’t want to buy traditional rug online, a simplistic contemporary rug is a perfect choice for you. Most of the people like to use these rugs as large floor artwork for the living room space to add a subtle hint of color without being over the top.


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