The existing time could be very special and we are in a totally critical section of our history. it’s miles like as if we are preventing world war 3 now. It has already taken more than 11 thousand lives. however this time, it is exclusive from previous world wars on many debts.

first off, the entire globe is involved. there may be no choice left to any united states of america which it could exercising about going to battle or no longer. you need to fight for the survival of your humans.

Secondly, we’re fighting an invisible enemy. The enemy, a tiny virus, not seen through, eye can be everywhere, deceiving us, hiding inside the sinus hollow space of some regular person engaged in his/her habitual sports like commuting to the office/place of work or education, purchasing grocery, clothes or gadgets, journeying etc.

Thirdly, even though the enemy isn’t always very deadly, it’s far new and no vaccine is available for it as of now. So, even though it is detected, the treatment is dubious.

Fourthly, it is contagious and spreads very fast. the velocity of its spread is honestly very speedy, possibly past our imagination. Touching a door knob of a boost or cab or bus or teach, the screen of your cell, the fruit/vegetable or grocery you acquire from a departmental store or beginning a bundle obtained via a courier are enough for the virus to move internal your sinus cavity after which making you a plague manufacturing unit producing and spreading the virus anywhere.

Fifthly, this specific warfare is being fought by way of all the nations of the globe at one side and virus on the other aspect. The entire human race is in hazard. we’ve quickly forgotten our differences and become a crew. This crew has got China/ Russia & america, India & Pakistan, Iran & Iraq, Israel & Palestine at same ground not contrary every other.

East & west, right & left, husband & spouse, boss & subordinate, consumer and commercial enterprise man or woman are not commercial enterprise rival now, they’re one crew. this is the nation of yog(a)- the high-quality feasible kingdom possible wherein the flow is thru neutral sushumna nadi in region of ida & pingala (superb & negative).

however that is the state of death also. the enemy is smart and killed lots of our maximum susceptible property- ‘the vintage human beings with medical situations’.

Is the sacrifice made with the aid of antique era is sufficient or enemy might be able to declare vast young & wholesome lives too? How lengthy will this battle ultimate?

Whosoever will live to tell the tale this war, can be part of new generation with stronger immune machine and smarter ways of dwelling existence and doing enterprise. in spite of everything we study from our mistakes.