Tips for Revamping Apartment Rentals After Pet-Owning Tenants

As an apartment rental company, you always have to make wise moves to keep your properties in pristine shape. Restoring an apartment after having a tenant who owned pets can be challenging. Our company specializes in servicing troublesome areas within the unit so that your next prospective tenant will be delighted to move in. We suggest that you speak to us about getting the following services for all your units.

Pet Odor Stain and Removal

One of the biggest issues that arise when a tenant has pets is the stain control. You can bet that the former tenant has at least one spot on the carpet where his or her pet had an accident. Such areas may seem clean on a surface level, but they often leave residue and unbalanced areas in the carpeting and upholstery. Our specialists have been working their magic in situations like this since our inception over 20 years ago. We have the technology and the drive to restore your carpets to pristine condition so that your property maintains its value.

Pet Deodorizing Services

Another problem that occurs when tenants own pets is that the smell will sometimes remain in the carpets and floors. The pet owner may not have realized it because he or she had become accustomed to the scent, but you probably notice, and the prospective tenant will, too. Fortunately, we have professional ingredients and equipment designed to decontaminate problem areas and neutralize the smell. Our processes are so successful that many of our clients have said they couldn’t tell a pet ever stayed in the homes for even a day.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

We know how important it is for your office to be tidy and fresh. You want prospective tenants to feel as though they’re doing business with a reputable organization. Additionally, you want your current tenants to have a sense of pride when they walk in to pay their rent, or they visit to request maintenance tasks. Our specialists are also trained to perform commercial carpet and floor cleaning in your office. We use non-toxic materials for our office cleaning, and we use an innovative hot carbonating extraction cleaning method for the carpets and upholstery that will leave your business building looking and feeling brand new.

Furniture Cleaning

We offer furniture cleaning services if you have furnished apartment rentals. We understand that the furniture inside the apartments is the most crucial element of rental success. Thus, our goal is to refresh and revamp every piece of furniture you have within your units. You can trust that we will use the gentlest methods and that your units will be fresh, appealing, and intact when we’re finished. The days of having dingy office furniture or shabby apartment furniture are long gone. We’re proud to offer five-star cleaning services for all of your needs.

For more information on the services we have for rental apartment restoration, please call Steamex Eastern at 419-382-1973 or visit our website to request your cleaning.

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