Tips to Help You Select the Right AV Equipment to Hire

There are lots of audio-visual equipment and devices that play an instrumental role in defining the success of any marketing event, organized by you or your company. Nowadays one can find a wide range of the latest audio-visual devices, which can add to the overall impact of your event and help create the right impression amongst your clients and business associates.

However, most businesses don’t have their own audiovisual equipment, thereby requires them to hire same, when the need arises. The task of hiring AV equipment is not as easy as it may seem so, there are several factors which one needs to consider before getting the right audio visual hire in Melbourne.

Mentioned here are some useful points, which will help you in getting the right audio hire company in Melbourne that will suit your company’s marketing and promotional campaigns. While the range of AV equipment is far and wide, choosing the appropriate products is essential for you. Some hire items of importance as follows:


Displays are categorized as LCD monitors, LED monitors, Plasma monitors, LED Big Screen, and Touch Screen monitors. One should opt for the display that best suits the type and size of the event. Number of people that will be viewing the display determines how large/how many screens you will need.

Screens and Projectors

Considered to be an important aspect of AV equipment, some of the commonly opted varieties of screens and projectors are the ones mentioned here:

. LED/LCD projectors

. DLP projectors

. Fast Fold Screens

. Projector Screens

A good quality projector when used for projection of clear and sharp images will go a long way in creating the right impact for your brand and company. Although DLP and LCD projectors are commonly preferred choices for projecting images, it is the latter which is an ideal choice, thanks to extra specifications and features offered by it. Along with the projector, it is the screen on which the images and visuals are presented which plays an important role.

Apart from the video equipment, it is the audio equipment too, which forms an important segment of this entire setup. Some of the most essential audio equipment needed for the event includes:

. Speakers

. Microphones

. Mixers

. Camcorders

Similar to video equipment, audio equipment needs to be of the best quality to ensure that the audience at the event gets your message loud and clear without any issues that can cause discomfort and distraction to the listeners. Major malfunctions in the AV audio system can result in complete failure of your event. There are several companies offering AV equipment on hire at economical and affordable rates.

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