VoIP & The Post-Covid-19 Workforce

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our lives in one way or another, with many businesses putting their communication needs under the microscope. One major factor that has undergone intense investigation has been communication and how we communicate within our businesses. Communication during an emergency is vital, with poor communication causing unnecessary panic. Thankfully, a solid VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) system can alleviate such stress since it provides the perfect solution for all departments to keep partners, clients, and employees in touch at all times. That’s right, even during a crisis, it’s possible to maintain continuity in your business and provide effective communication (even during a pandemic).

Makes Service Delivery & Remote Work Possible

When it comes to VoIP, it’s a vital tool for work-from-home employees. At any time, a remote worker can jump on a call or join a meeting with a VoIP platform (such as Skype.) As long as they’re connected or carry a device connected to the internet, they have no problem making contact with your business. When it comes to management, a manager is capable of checking in with instant messaging, voicemail, and direct calling. As far as collaboration, VoIP solutions allow distributed workers to stay efficient and maintain a steady workflow. Even operating on platforms such as Office 365 allow employees to send important information immediately with no problem. This is one of the many reasons as to why so many healthcare organizations utilize VoIP systems for daily operations.

Improving Interactions

The Covid-19 pandemic has put us all on edge. Customers want feedback as soon as possible. Thankfully, the auto-attendant feature that VoIP solutions offer are made to deliver a response to the worker who is best suited for their answer even if he or she is working remotely. What’s even better about auto-attendant programs is that they can give updates to callers during an emergency situation, which makes them an incredibly invaluable tool when sending messages to the clients who need an answer as soon as possible. VoIP also allows one to make sure that their voicemails are sent to your smartphone, which means employees can receive or return calls no matter where their location may be.

Business Expense Reduction

Many industries are feeling the financial pinch of Covid-19 and how many of their clients are questioning the future of their business once this is all over. Some businesses have even gone as far as closing operations all together, with many experts predicting that this will only continue to happen for the next few months. Even the International Monetary Fund has stated that the economy throughout the world is currently in a recession.

So given these circumstances, many businesses are looking to keep operating on a lower or less costly scale to lessen the blow. Thankfully, a VoIP setup is an incredible way to dial back on business expenses. Upfront costs are small and such a service can be applied to your existing data network. It also allows your business to scale lines or features up or down so that VoIP can meet and exceed your needs for growth in trying times. In addition to this, paying a single, flat fee for what’s being utilized makes budgeting for VoIP incredibly simple. If you need to pull back in certain departments, a VoIP system allows you to direct your communication needs to the important departments.

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